Need a support main team mate in Iron/Bronze.

Hello guys, I am planning to be a Jhin one trick already have 70k points so not very new at him I also play Jinx and Ashe in adc role and I am looking for support main to duo in ranked. I am hard struck Iron 1 started ranked only a few days ago. Even if I get filled I am familiar with all the lanes, priorities and champions so I don't have any issue playing any lane. To be honest I am really desperate about finding a duo partner the kind of supports I get in-game are rediculous, support with the barrier, support with predator, Ornn sup who always goes in even if he is low. I normally play from 10 PM to 2:30 AM AEST or 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM IST. I am not very active in Boards these days so just add me in-game and tell me that you have added me through boards. Last but not least my target is reaching at least silver this season. Good Luck Everyone on your Journey to becoming Legends and Let us Meet on the Rift. {{sticker:katarina-love}}

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