Mature(18+) Team LF Players

**About the Team:** Peanut Butter nd Jealous (PBnJ) is a team that was made by a tight group of friends that have known each other for many years. We created the ranked team with the goal of achieving Platinum Division or better at some point within season 5. The players have an impressive understanding of the game and a very high willingness to improve as a team, not just as individuals. We are very dedicated to playing together 2-3 nights a week for about 2-5 hours. The team is not what some would call hardcore but we do make sure the time we spend is used very efficiently. We do not claim to be the best at the game but we do claim to put in an enormous amount of effort for something that we are passionate about. **About the Leader:** Aphona, I have been playing league for around 3 years now. I have followed the pro scene for a long time and understand the flow and structure of the game at an intricate level. I am still learning much about the game every day but I do learn very quickly. I do not call the shots in the game but instead manage the teams atmosphere, schedule and player relations. I am very easy to get along with and very friendly but am not afraid to make the difficult decisions regarding players if it is needed. **What we are Looking For:** Currently we are seeking 3-5 players who are willing to dedicate the same amount of time and effort as the rest of us. Current spots open are Mid/Jungle/Top as well as 2 sub roles (for any position). Sub roles are not purely for the bench, all players will be included in the team but you must understand that if you are unavailable for a night someone will be subbed in to allow for the team to continue to play. A shot caller is still to be decided, if you consider yourself a good/positive leader with a strong understanding of many different strategies feel free to include that. **Goals:** As mentioned earlier our first goal is to achieve Platinum Division during season 5. However if I am confident in the team I will enter us in some minor league Indi competitions. *NOTE* I am not talking about the OPL or even a challenger league I simply mean small tournaments people hold where the first prize is generally only a few hundred RP for each player. **Requirements:** We are looking for level headed mature players only (18+ minimum age), if you do not meet the following requirements it is not worth submitting an application as you **WILL NOT** be looked at. If you think you are what we are looking for then copy and paste the following section and reply to this post. Please **DO NOT** add me in game. I will add you. When answering the questions type only what is needed, if you fail to follow simple instructions your application will be immediately discarded. *Application* **Age:** **Highest Division Achieved** (Solo or Team): **How Often do you Play?** **Lane you play:** **Champions** (pick 3 champions you think are your best)(**ONLY** list three): **Are you a leader or a follower?** **Have you been involved in team based games before?** **Additional comments/questions:** *End of Application* Schedule: Will be decided and released once a team has been named, if you cannot support 3 nights a week of play do not apply.
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