Team Maw Recruiting Plat+ ADC

Hi, we are Team Maw and we are recruiting for the 2017 OOL and the 2017 Preseason. Our roster is comprised of three platinum players and one diamond player occupying the positions of Top, Mid, Jungle and Support. Hence, we are in need of an ADC to complete our roster so that we can commence our team. We plan to practice in Flex Queue, Scrimmages and Strategy Meetings throughout the week. First, we plan to win the 2017 Split 1 OOL, then win the 2017 Split 2 OCS, then win the 2018 Split 1 OPL, then win the 2018 Split 2 OPL and then the IWCQ for Worlds. Then after that, it should be an easy path to winning the Summoner's Cup within the same year. In a game, there is either a victory or defeat screen. Hence, there is a 50% chance for us to win or lose. It should be very easy to win all these major tournaments. We are looking for players who are/have: - Above 15 years of age. - Able to use voice communication, specifically Discord. - A diverse champion pool in order to facilitate the various compositions we will play. - A non-toxic attitude to the game, and the willingness to improve. - An open schedule to attend practice sessions and tournaments. Please add Qilli or me in-game to discuss more details. Note: If you didn't get the meme, we obviously don't think we can make it into anything high at the moment. However, the recruiting post is not a meme, and any applicants are welcomed and strongly advised to trial for this new roster.
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