Star Guardian Team!

Hi everyone!! I'm looking for peoples for do a full Star Guardian Team :D! Remember: All the star guardians peoples are, {{champion:222}},{{champion:99}},{{champion:78}},{{champion:117}} and {{champion:40}}. (Jinx, Lux, Poppy lulu and Janna) IF you want to do a full star guardian team, you will need to write your IG Name{{item:3632}} Star Guardian Skin you have{{item:3285}} Add me{{summoner:31}} Write me that you are here for the Full Star Guardian Team {{summoner:13}} IF YOU WANT TO BE IN ALL OF THIS SHOULD BE DONE BEFORE THE 28/10/2016 If you are in, Thanks to meet the 29/10/2016, at 16:00PM(Hour in Australia) So for me i am, IG NAME: Candy Chibi Star Guardian Skin I have: Jinx, Janna and Poppy. And i cant add myself ^^ And finally, Have a good day Summoner! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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