Gold - Diamond Ranked Team (LFM)

Evolution Oceania (EVO) is a team of dedicated players. We aim to improve our team co-ordination and communication skills through planning, strategy and performance analysis. **Rank requirements:** Gold - Diamond (Silver may be accepted in exceptional situations). **Comms:** Skype Required (Mic required. Players must be active in chat). **Team Documents: **Google Docs will be used for document recording. **Time:** 6pm - 9pm AEST Saturday nights. (Able to change to teams requests). By choosing Evolution Oceania, you get access to an organized team of like-minded players, team planned picks and bans, and team rotation and objective strategies. You get access to experienced coaches and team members that have a strong background in team and business management. Strictly no negative behavior. Cursing is acceptable, excessively is not. No offensive remarks or terms are to be used during team play or individual play. All positions available, including 2 subs. At Evolution Oceania, we believe that attitude and determination is more important than an arbitrary skill rating. If you have the heart of a champion, we want to know you. **To apply, reply to this thread.** **Tryouts will start: **Saturday 1st August, 6pm - 9pm. **Attention Potential Applicants** Even if your preferred role has already been applied for, please still submit an application. Players often drop from teams in the early stages by either choice or request. We may need you!
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