LF Chill Duo Partners (I'm Plat 2) : Any Rank : No Microphone

Just looking for people who wouldn't mind queuing up ranked together whenever we're both on. To clarify, I have a microphone, I just don't want to use it. I work in-between games, and I prefer to listen to music as it helps me think. I don't care what rank you are, as long as you're within two divisions of me (otherwise we cant rank together). So what are the requirements? I'm quite strict, so I want the following out of you: 1. A good attitude. I don't mind a bit of rage, I do it too. It's natural, this game can be frustrating. The second you act like an asshole, we're done. 2. Willing to let mistakes go. I'm not a perfect player. I don't play enough to care about being a perfect player. But I like playing ranked. Just add me on league if you want to duo: ShiftyCake
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