Silver player looking for duo partner

Hi, I am a top lane main trying to get out of silver. Unfortunately, I am struggling to climb as every game there tends to be no communication in the team and everyone seems to go around the map doing their own little stuff. It would be great to climb with someone who is also facing the same problem as me of getting out of silver. Here are the requirements: - Add me on League Of Legends: knjames - Play on OCE server actively (Log in almost everyday) - Have a microphone to communicate with me during the game - I would prefer a Jungle main, however I am happy with you to play any role - Have a positive attitude! As much as I would like to play competitively, I would like to duo with someone fun to talk to and play with. Toxicity does not help the team win so I would like someone with a strong mindset :) If these requirements fit you, please reply to this post, otherwise add me on League and we will discuss there. Thank you
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