Summoners' Society OCE looking for new stream hosts!

Stream Host Application
Fill out your details here before we begin. In this role we need people who are confident, that can be the producer for the stream. Our producer must be able to control the necessary points of the cast, communicate efficiently and effectively with the casters, as well as have solid skills with the software (both on stream and off stream).
Hello Summoners! Our Casters and Hosts Team is looking to expand our stream hosting ranks for 2019 and beyond. If you're a streamer with an interest in production or just someone that enjoys watching esports, you could be the perfect fit! We host numerous weekly competitions, including our Oceanic Ladder and Oceanic Circuit (later in the year), while we'll also meet twice a week for roughly an hour total, with other team leader one on one sessions monthly. Your time working with us will also be eligible for compensation. For more information, check out the application or feel free to contact the SumSoc team and ask us about the application process and position. All applications will be responded to. We hope to hear from you soon! FlyingFinn Head of Casters and Hosts Team, Summoners' Society OCE

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