Antagonists - Founding a new team [I'm plat 3]

After looking for a ranked team for a while and only getting responses from bronzes/silvers I am going to make a serious ranked team for people around the plat+ divisions. As most ranked 5s teams are already full and aren't looking for members very often I'd like to give a chance to a select few people to join this ranked 5s team. The only requirements are to not be a dick and wanting to get better at the game competitively. We will be entering the weekly Sunday tournaments and playing on a regular basis ASAP. I will be organising a timetable which will be working around everyone from the team. I understand people have other commitments, I'm not a nazi! ;) Anyway. Leave your details below, or PM me on league for a faster response! :) Positions Available: ADC - Mid - Top - Jungle - Support - S0lution
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