LF G4+ Duo Pref JG of Top for Solo/Duo

Mr Fizz (OCE) - LeagueOfGraphs
Gold IV - Wins: 166 (51.7%) (#2,497,602) / Fizz: Wins: 68.4% - Played: 79 (#8,187) / Graves: Wins: 62.0% - Played: 50 (#30,926) / Zed: Wins: 40.9% - Played: 22 (#348,336)
Looking for someone to climb with im a Fizz {{champion:105}} & Graves {{champion:104}} twotrick (Top 120 Fizz OCE, Top 350 Graves OCE) Wanting to reach plat this season and was wondering if anyone else wanted too climb too and needed an extra competent player on their team IGN: Mr Fizz

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