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Been playing since 2013. _**I am not that great of a player however, I play for fun, not 'completely' serious.**_ _Of course I play to win games, I just don't get super enraged or troll/afl when I'm losing._ I never click yes to a surrender vote (unless it's a re-match vote) I never flame/harrass/talk sh*t in-game, not my style. (it's why there is a mute button in my opinion; mute chat but not pings).I use pings and minimal chat (drag, group/push mid, baron, recall, care in jg etc). I main Jungle but also ADC/Support (sometimes fill top if asked). I'm Bronze 1, [My stats](, and never had a smurf account). I main jungle Noc/Vi/Jax/Kha-Zix/Darius. And practicing Kindred as new main. I play Solo-Duo more often than any other game-mode. Otherwise it's featured mode or Twisted Treeline (Flex ranked) when it's up. I don't play normals unfortunately (Bronze league is toxic enough as it is). I use only discord for league gaming. **MMR hovers around 1180-1250** for matchmaking (Bronze 1 - Silver 4) (I regularly queue with a friend who is Silver 3, see in "Grow A Pair") _Nocturne is main, but he doesn't seem to do well unless I snowball or get first blood + first tower or even keep an unpredictable clear. (Blue, Gromp, Scuttle, Wolves, Red, Birds, golems)_ Best champ/s in order is 1. Nocturne (Jungle only) 2. Jinx (ADC) 3. Kha-Zix 4. Vi 5. Fizz (don't play as much anymore because I'm just not that good in mid-lane honestly, but am a good Fizz if I get to roam somewhat freely, never really played it past 2015) 6. Jax 7. Kindred 8. Darius Back-up champs are Ryze and Vayne. **Don't be a flamer,** don't be that guy who yells and throws insults when a team mate plays bad (you are the bane of this servers existence if that's you), don't drop your bundle and give up when you have a bad game. Everyone does have terrible games every now and again, you flaming won't fix it. Be half respectable in terms of manners. Seriously, I play for actual enjoyment and I enjoy playing this game regardless of winning or losing, but again, of course I play with the intention of winning (because who doesn't like winning?!).
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