Looking For Duo (Gold to Plat)

I am a Support main who mostly plays Thresh. I am looking for someone to help me climb (carry me :P) out of Gold because I am sick of being here. I do not mind what role you play but I would like to play a couple of norms before going into ranked just to get to know each other. I have discord which can be sorted once we start playing together. I am a very calm player who doesn't get tilted often. My op.gg and champion mastery scores's will be linked below. Thank you for considering me, DramaticChicken. OP.GG: http://oce.op.gg/summoner/userName=DramaticChicken Champion Mastery Scores: https://championmasterylookup.derpthemeus.com/summoner?summoner=DramaticChicken&region=OCE
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