Risen LOL Academy Team Looking for Players (G4-P1)

Hey guys! Risen will be opening it's doors again in the interests of forming a new LOL Academy team. We will be searching for players of all lanes who are G4 at minimum, have a sturdy mentality and most importantly, a willingness to learn. The goal of this Academy team is to develop 5 individuals into more efficient and versatile players and to create a close-knit environment where all are able to support each others improvement. Players will take part in regular team practice in the form of scrims and flex queue and will gain a strong level of competitive experience through amateur tournaments such as TMG's Iron to Plat, Sunday Mayhem, BSV's Iron to Plat and more. We will be taking applications for the next week at https://forms.gle/cgtdbwsKpanD5sGb9 and these applications will close on Friday the 18th. We will then host our trials Sunday the 20th at 4PM AEST! Looking forward to your responses!
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