Recruitment for LoL community (EUW/OCE)

I'm looking for new players to join a newly formed League of Legends community(EUW/OCE). It is open for players of all skill levels and all ages (13+). We are open to players who want to play competitively or casually, the community is welcoming everyone as long as you have a great mindset. Within the community there's coaching and advice available for all skill levels of players. The community is looking to have much more freedom than other communities, not discriminating skill levels or forcing you to do anything you don't want to do. A team speak is available and is full of fellow League players who can offer advice and also play with you, the team speak will be given to you after discussions about joining. Also within this community there are ranked 5's teams you can join, currently only 2 are available but we may form more in the future if possible. These teams will be available to all skill levels however you must be committed and the teams are only looking for players willing to play in a team and improve within that team. The community does have the basic rules that o bide by the Summoners Code set by riot. Toxicity, account selling and other unnecessary or illegal behavior will lead to removal from the community with no chance of being reinstated. If you are interested in joining comment on this thread and we will discuss further about you joining. There is no commitment so if you comment and decide not to join that is fine. The community is completely free we are just looking for League of Legends player who love the game as much as us. The community is mainly EUW based however we would love to expand and include OCE players and potentially create an OCE team Deakín
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