LFP Who wanna form a flex team/team

Hey Guys Im Driftwood From New Zealand LfP to join me in flex and develope as a team and try climb up the ranks and hopefully form as a team for future tournaments. i am a adc/mid main So either one of those roles ill go depending on the players. i am gold 5 atm use to be in plat 2. I am wanting to build up a team of people who wanna strive to get better and work on mistakes and discuss what we can do better next time. i am wanting to get into scrims in near future depending how dedicated people are. In a team communication is a big thing but also having fun is. i am wanting people who are active, not shy and too be able to encourage each other even when game going bad . i am Looking For Players: Who can communicate Friendly strive to achieve and develope as a player and a person silver 2 ++ required. Play With confidence active Is a big thing Motivation! All Roles Open Currently If you are interested or wanna talk more Feel Free to add me Drift Wood Or leave a comment and ill get back too you.
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