Looking For Duo Partners Gold 3 +

Hi im Joey - Summoner Stats - League of Legends
Hi im Joey / Gold 2 22LP / 150W 142L Win Ratio 51% / Ezreal - 29W 27L Win Ratio 52%, Kai'Sa - 15W 25L Win Ratio 38%, Lucian - 18W 16L Win Ratio 53%, Xayah - 22W 10L Win Ratio 69%, Vayne - 13W 15L Win Ratio 46%
Hello, If you're clicking on this post and you're interested in duoing with me, you've probably seen me post here before. The last time i posted i wanted anyone who was willing to duo with someone who is attempting to reach plat, and wants hard climb quickly. Most of the duo's that i encountered last time were UNDER the rank 'bar' that i set (Gold 3 +) and most were Gold 5. It's not that i have a problem with people who are a lower rank (most of the time you play as well as low plat players) but it decreases my mmr, which is too risky for me, being someone who wants to climb quickly. If you feel like duoing with me, and you're ABOVE the rank 'bar' that i set (Gold 3 +) add me on League: Hi im Joey I am and Adc/Mid lane player, and im happy to duo with any person, who plays any role. I've also linked my oce.op.gg if you're curious to see how trash i do in most of my games. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Thanks in advance too anyone who contacts me. Regards, Hi im Joey.
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