Horizon eSports, looking for Mid laners, Junglers, and Supports for a plat+ serious team.

Hello everyone, I am currently underway developing two ranked 5's teams under the brand Horizon eSports, we have filled the roles of one team (Horizon eSports Dark) and are looking for more people to fill roles on Horizon eSports Light. All players should preferably be 18+ but if you are mature we can see how you fit in with the team. I myself will be managing/coaching both teams and eventually will be looking for a second analyst to help along side me and do work reviewing games and organizing team comps. We are looking for people who are frequently available, have the right attitude and deal well with criticism and will take it on board as a way of learning and developing as a player. We are trying to find at least one more Diamond player and if possible two and another person that may be Platinum or above. All players will be trialed for at least two games to see how their basic mechanics are and if they will be a benefit to the team. I am looking for this to be an active team playing at a minimum 3 days per week. Also we will be using Team-speak for our voice coms, I plan to try another program out to compare in a couple of weeks time, but for now it will be Team-speak. Could you please fill out this form if you would like to trial or add me in game and send me the completed form. You may also add me in game with the form completed. Name: IRL first name: Age: State: Top two roles: Top 4 champions in each of those roles: Rank: Availability: Good luck and will be looking forward to hearing from you soon. ~zPONYv~
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