LF Coaching Role or Team

Hi Guys, As the title suggests I am looking for a team to grind it out with on 5s Ladder or for a coaching role within a preferred high level team. I am currently a Plat 5 player whom peaked at Plat 1 this season until some stuff happened and I couldn't focus on my gameplay hence my decline. I am a mid laner but can also play the jungle/ ADC role well. I understand how lane swaps and double jungling works. And the follow the competitive scene religiously, I like to follow the meta pretty strictly but also have some flex picks in mid. In terms of coaching I prefer to not seek for a role but to be approached on it, I prefer the 'top-down'coaching style with myself having say on most of what goes on. I specialize in team compositions and review. I like to watch a lot of the pro games and break them down for my own learning. I have a large sporting background and have dealt with many different coaches and have found that when the coach has authority of the team and a mutual respect is there it is a lot more efficient in terms of results and progression. Keeping it short and sweet, if you are interested in me as a player or coach please add me on LoL or post here. Whickipedia
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