The Resurrection of Notorious eSports LFM

Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Greetings to every summoner who takes the time to read this, My name is Hopë and I've played league for 6 years, I've been apart of 5 different league of legends teams in OOL and SumSoc while being apart of my own brand **Notorious eSports** while becoming 16th in OOL Split 2 Season 7 due to assembling a team a week before the split started. I have been apart of Rainbow Six Siege and Smite teams to help improve my communication and leadership as a player. I have developed my passion and dedication to the game I wish to invest my remaining few young years of my life before I start to slow down and pursue a career in I.T or Coaching. Now to show you all who are wanting to join in the resurrection of **Notorious eSports** I want give you all the chance to join us as long as you're Diamond 5+ and have the dedication to show me you're willing to go the distance. Fill out this application if you wish to improve and keep on improving to show OCE we're not just a joke. **** [](
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