The Knights Platinum+ LF MID

The Knights is an organisation dedicated to achieving the best results in a variety of different games. This means that we are looking for an Mid to fill our team that will be serious and maintain a steadily growing team to climb the ranks. What The Knights can do for you? We will assist you in anything League of Legends or other. We will also tend to: - Team Speak Server - Entry Fees For Competitions - Editing/Graphics We are looking for players of at least Platinum Rank and some team experience. Our end goal is to come into the OCS. Must be dedicated to the team and its success. If you are interested, please reply directly to this thread or add TKNS Diamond on League of Legends. Otherwise, please complete the Google Docs Link in the comments and follow it up with a direct reply or add TKNS Diamond. Only serious requests please. Thank you for reading and the best of luck to all of you.

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