[Silver IV] Looking for an ADC duo partner - Absolutely Expeirenced Support - Never play other roles

Hey everyone, my account name is AnonymousDiamond and I am a Silver 4 player for the Oceanic Server. I am looking for a good ADC who is serious and active who we can climb to a higher division together. If you are not willing to learn and just think you're stuck with bad teams, I cannot accept you as my duo partner. For most of my games, I play Support and nothing else. I believe I have played 400+ games out of my history of 500 as a support. As for my experience as a support, I have played over 100 ranked games as a support - I rarely play any other role unless forced to. My mains are Leona, Blitzcrank and Soraka. Leona is my most active champion - I mostly play games with her. Again, I only play Support, so if any ADC needs a support - I'm right here! Thanks!
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