LF Serious Players for our Rank team Gold+

First of all, if you are not willing to put the time and effort into this team, Do NOT APPLY. Hi, everyone I am a Gold 4 Mid Main looking to create a dedicated and determined ranked team with set schedules and practices. This team will have fixed practice/ playing times so please consider your availability before you apply. I am looking to get together some like-minded people who are willing to put time and effort into a ranked team and will be willing to take this team as far as we can go. So if you are not serious enough then this is not for you. And finally punctuality is key and will be valued highly. Requirements for players: 1. Must Have a working mic and Curse Voice. 2. Must be Gold + 3. Must be 18+ good game knowledge and understanding (knows what they are doing). 4. takes games seriously and does not mess around in ranked (i can totally have fun, troll around during skirms or practice). 5. can play from behind. 6. can give and take constructive criticism without hard feelings. 7. seriously want to climb (Our objective is to reach high Plat - Diamond). 8. punctuality(must be online and not away/ingame when for scirms/ranked/meetings) 9. and last but not the least, enjoys and can have fun (As a team we want to build a strong bond, so recommend sometimes duoing getting to know each other and just talk while practicing.). Roles: Shot Caller: Counterplay. Top: Open Jungle: Counterplay Mid: Warmplay ADC: Open Supp: Coldplay How to Apply: Please fill out the following: IGN(In Game Name): CV(Curse Voice): Age: Rank: Role: Top 5 Champs in Role: Prior Team Experience: Strengths: Weaknesses: Questions: 1. As a 5s team, you will have set practice times. How do we know that you will continue to be able to show up for practices? 2. In the past, the team has had huge issues with leaving players, and loss of dedication. In 2 months , how do we know your going to be here? 3. Do you understand you will be dropped if you fail to show up on time constantly, especially the first time? 4. Why do you want to join this team? Time: Sat, Sun (5:00pm-9:00pm EST) This will be when tryouts are held and also will be the time when we play as a rank team Mon-Fri ( 7:00pm - 10:00pm EST) every 2 weeks cause we know people have lives so these will be our practice games every two weeks P.S. We will discuss the time furthermore on tryouts. Try Outs: When trying out it will strictly be based on Performance, Communication and Knowledge of the game. So remember even if we win/lose the games we tryout with you, it wont affect you as much on your try out. Play your best and show you can play the game. Tryouts, You and 1 other player will be trying out at the same time just remember that you both play different roles and that you wont be criticized on each others play. We will be keeping track of all the games played and give help each other on what we did so we play better next game. 1st tryout: Will be 3 games played with you. Normal Draft Mode. You will be assessed all 3 games (Highly pref you choose a different champ each game, so we know you are not a one trick pony.) Those who do outstanding in tryout will be given a second tryout, we will be giving you information and see availability for a second tryout . 2nd Tryout: CONGRATS to making second tryout. Here we will be assessing you on synergy and communication again wins/lose dont matter rn cause we are working as a team and growing together to each others tendency's. here we will be playing 2 games with you and another player who has made it to the second tryout as well the two games are critical cause then there will be a final tryout again you will be notified if you made last tryout or not. Final Tryout: Here you will be playing your last game this is where we have you and another player who have made it to the last tryout we will introduce you to each other cause this might be the final look of the team but again it's the last tryout so this 1 game is critical play your best. Reply to the discussion filling everything out please and thank you and look forward to playing with you guys :).
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