Looking for Gold/Plat Support

Hi Personally looking for a support to duo with. (I think Im G1 atm, was P3 when the season ended). Me and a mate are also looking to put together a group of 5 for when Clash is ready, so it would be ideal if you are also interested in that (however we're probably still a few weeks away before we can start doing flex queue as a group of 5). Now I dont get to play too often (work etc), so this will only really work if you are able to play evenings. I will generally play a game or two most weeknights around 8pm Queensland time. Times on weekend vary. When we start doing 5man games, we will be trying to schedule a few games on Tues/Thursdays around this same time. Hit me up if you're interested and can play in these same timeslots :)
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