Team LF jungle

Group of friend usually play 6-7 games a week majority being fri-sat-sun after lunch LF a jungle for ranked 5s team. We have pretty good synergy no ragers and use skype with good comms between us. We know our weakness' and have no problem being constructive to each other to point out errors in play to fix them. We would prefer a jungle with mid focus who plays tankier jungles with CC like {{champion:59}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:254}} A shot caller would be nice as we normally prefer supp/jungle tank front lines and would be going in on a jungle in team fights but its not 100% needed as we all are capable of making calls. Most interested in the ability to improve, not rage or give up and synergy then your rank. As for us in blind 5s we float around gold-plat opponents solo ranks are high silver-gold. Add me in game and send a msg so i can set a note to your IGN. Please be fairly active in afternoons/weekends. Do not need to be online 24/7 and RL is there and happens but more then once a month thanks:)
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