*Twisted Treeline Ranked Thursdays* would love more people to play!

_**This isn't about me trying to recruit people for a team, just a PSA**_ At the moment Riot is testing out Twisted Treeline Ranked out on OCE's server each Thursday from 3pm to 1am, I'd like to have it become a permanent queue. So to get more people to play this queue and hopefully have better more competitive games, I've put together a rundown on the TT meta, good and bad champs, and key differences from 5v5. If you are _really_ into reading massive textbooks you should check out [the 3v3 Bible on the shadowisles.com](http://www.theshadowisles.com/3v3-bible) which is basically has been summarized here. So first thing the meta, which there are 2 different types of teams you can (and should) run: 1) Support/ADC Meta 2) Jungle Meta A typical Support Meta team will look something like this: {{champion:222}}~{{summoner:11}} {{summoner:4}} Clears three camps, then going top {{champion:57}}~{{summoner:3}} {{summoner:4}} Leashes one camp, then going top {{champion:63}}~{{summoner:14}} {{summoner:4}} Going bot And a typical Jungle Meta team would be: {{champion:58}}~{{summoner:3}} {{summoner:4}} Going top {{champion:154}}~{{summoner:11}} {{summoner:4}} Jungling {{champion:134}}~{{summoner:14}} {{summoner:4}} Going bot Any champ can be played in 3v3, [but the best champs in each position from patch to patch are updated here ](http://www.theshadowisles.com/tier-lists-c24vq) Most say that the support meta is the stronger of the two overall, and Jungle meta is only strong early from about levels 1-6, and Support is stonger after that since the ADC has both top and Jungle farm and can outdamage everyone while the support protects them. However very late game Jungle meta is a little stronger since they have 3 damage dealers with max items and Support has only 2 damage dealers and the support themselves are usually underfarmed and underleveled. {{summoner:11}} Each team _definitely_ needs smite to secure Vilemaw since getting it makes pushing even easier than Baron on SR, and also makes it easier to take the enemies shrine. Support teams are usually stronger with Vilemaw than Jungle, since the ADC can siege more safely. Alters You can recall on an alter as you capture it, as long as you don't immediately start recalling has you touch the platform, either wait 0.25 seconds or move to the center then recall. Generally this is the safest way to take the enemies alter. _Copied straight from the 3v3 Bible:_ -------------------------------------------------------------- **Jungle Camps ** Spawn time - 1:35 Respawn timer - 1:15 Tip: The camp that you cleared first normally respawns around 3:00 along with the altar activating. **Vilemaw** Spawn time - 10:00 Respawn timer - 6:00 Buff - 3:00 / 3:27 with Runic Affinity Tip : If you miss the timer of when vilemaw was killed, simply add 3 minutes to when the buff expires to know when it will spawn again (type this timer in chat) **Health Relic** Spawn time - 3:00 (same as altars) Respawn timer - 1:30 Tip: When relic is taken, immediately type “relic” or “health” or “+” in the chat. Then you can look at the time stamp and add 1:30 to know when it respawns Tip: The relic has global vision, meaning that when either team takes it the icon will be removed from the map essentially revealing the person who took it. **Altars** Unlocks at - 3:00 (Same as Health Relic) Locks for - 1:30 once captured Capture time - 8 seconds Tip: If you plan on recalling while the altar isn’t captured by your team, it is always time efficient to recall on it. Make sure you stand on it for 0.25 seconds before starting your recall or you will back before it is fully captured. Tip: Both altars have global vision even before they are captured, meaning that you will be able to see the altar being captured through fog of war. **Summoners** Flash 5:00 / 4:15 - with Insight master (-15% cooldown) Heal 4:00 / 3:24 Exhaust 3:30 / 2:59 Ignite 3:30 / 2:59 Smite 1:15 / 1:04 Cleanse 3:30 / 2:59 Barrier 3:30 / 2:59 **General** Minions meet at 1:37 Minion waves spawn every 30 seconds Cannon minions spawn every 3rd wave Inhibitor respawns 5:00 after being destroyed Surrender time is 15:00 --------------------------------------------------------------
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