Competitive team looking for dedicated Jungler for new season

Hey guys, Infernus Gaming is currently looking for a knowledgeable jungler who can fill in a more supportive role in the team. We will be competing in numerous tournaments and LANs and are looking for a player to join us in our journey. Our Goals as a team: -Drive each other to improve our individual and team play -Attend and succeed in numerous LANs throughout the year -Achieve a ranked 5's ranking of Diamond or higher by the end of the year. What we would prefer from you: -Be 17 years of age or older. -Live in Melbourne -Have extensive knowledge of the jungle role -Have a flexible champion pool and be able to adapt to new metas -Ranked Platinum 3 or higher -Good availabilities -Working mic and teamspeak (no buzzing or other problems) Minimum Requirements: -Be 16 years of age or older -Be able to travel to Melbourne for major LANs -Be ranked Platinum 5 or higher Please comment here or send iG Sketchyy a friend request if you are interested!
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