The Knights 2.0 is now open and recruiting for four roles for the 2017 Oceanic Challenger Series!

[CLOSED] Considering Multi Role Substitutes Only. TKNS for 2017 OCS! Hello! After a several month hiatus of The Knights e-Sports (TKNS), a previously established team with a solid roster and several high-profile achievements, is looking to recruit a brand new roster to compete in the First OOL split, and hopefully, with an ever improving roster, we can hopefully look to make it into the Oceanic Challenger Series of the future. The Knights are known and established in the Oceanic Competitive Scene, with the following achievements: 1st in OneVOneNZ Tournament (2015) 1st in AusStarSYD Tournament (2015) 1st in Handon Gaming Tournament (2015) 4th in Vertex Gaming Tournament (2015) 3rd in the CyberGamer Open Ladder (2015) So now, onto the team blurb. What can The Knights do for you? The Knights will: Pay for all tournament fees, as seen fit. Pay for a TeamSpeak Server (Will come up, firstly using Skype as a VOIP) Provide all coaching and analyst sessions to ensure constant team improvement Provide an extremely friendly but competitive environment for a strong team Set up scrimmages against high level teams, and depending on skill, OCS and OPL teams (Yes, I do have the contacts for this, but I'll get blatantly rejected if this team does not progress well) What do I expect from my players, for recruiting and future play? Friendly, non-argumentative atmosphere (Let's face it, you'll make the same mistakes as them eventually) A Solo Queue Rank of higher than Platinum, may take consideration to Gold Players (But improvement must be made if hopes of the Challenger Series are to be made, so guys climb to Diamond 3. Willingness to accept constructive criticism and contribute actively to the team by keeping active. Attend all training sessions. Note: I've been in multiple teams, either as the establisher or simply a part of it during its establishment. I know that there will be players who just simply join, and be inactive and just ignore any messages sent forward their way. That's given, I've had experience in this scene before. If you think you can just turn up and ditch all the training sessions, and be inactive, your darn ass is gonna be kicked out, Challenger or not. Seriously! I'm looking for a friendly team who can play together well, regardless of solo queue rank! So, most roles are open, which are: Top: Filled JG: FIlled Mid: Filled ADC: Filled Support: Filled Sub 1: Filled Sub 2: OPEN ONLY Team's Janitor: Jimuskin Now, it's your turn to trial! Write a block of text in the comments below, with all of these: (See, I was going to make a Google Forms but then I only had an ADC and Mid one, so nope). Name: Age: Solo Queue Rank: Summoner ID: Role(s): Pool in each role: Availability: What distinguishes this team from others that makes you want to join?: Previous Team Experience: Alternatively, but not suggestedly (because I need an application, and I know that isn't a real word), add Support Leona on League Of Legends! Or do both, that's something that's suggested :) Good luck, and may The Knights 2.0 have an awesome season!
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