Want someone to play AP bot duo with

This is low elo so if ur around bronze-silver cum get sum lp. This smurf acc of mine. I just want someone thats happy to play {{champion:63}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:142}} Pretty much **ANY **dirty APC mage to lane with. I cbf farming tho so please take that burden away from me.... I doesn't have to be any of those champs though, just heavy ability based nukey range champs plz. Key word is **nukey** Mic pref cos im gonna be screaming as I run in and kill them. (just want to communicate my all-ins properly). ign: stormboy p.s I play in the evening AEST only but shoot a friend request anyway
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