[LFT] Plat mid laner looking to join a competitive team

Im looking to join a competitive team for tournaments and flex im currently Plat 4 in solo queue and plat 2 in flex, although my lp gain/lose is still pushing me upward. My main champions are Zoe and Anivia, but i can play pretty much anyone in mid depending on the situation, and of course willing to learn new champs if the need arises I own all champs for swaps with other team members if im required to (i'de be concerned if this was never the case) I also have experience with shot calling and drafting from when i played on sponsored heroes of the storm teams, some of which i can translate to League (granted it will take a little time to adjust it over). Im willing to play any day and at any time, although when uni starts again i'll have to work around that schedule. If you have any other questions or would like to give me a trial, please add me in game. Regards, Zami
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