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Hey all, Just wanted to let you guys know that the replacement for the deleted League of Legends Oceanic Discord is here! We have carried over all of the features that you guys loved about the old discord. There is still a teeming general chat, a looking for game channel where you can find people to play the game with. There is also ranked channels and roles where you can talk to people of your rank. Lastly, we have champion roles, flex all your 100k+ mastery champs! We'd love to see you guys join the server and become a part of our ever-expanding community! Look forward to seeing you guys in the chat and on the Rift, have a nice day everyone! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Note: If you think you've heard from me before, you have! my old discord servers have merged with this one, so feel free to jump over if you are in there already. **EDIT:** Top link is invalid, use this link to get to the server , we just hit 350 members yay!
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