Looking for mid laner. Plat 5 +

The Zoo (team) is looking for a new mid laner High division with lots of Mid experience and a strong champ pool The ability to take criticism and take the time to review games with the team to reanalyse the good and bad points of a match we played The ability to communicate confidently over comms via Discord (That means having a working microphone and ability to hear the team) You must be able to show up to all scrims and tournament matches that are scheduled and must notify the team if you are unable to attend a match in advance so we can find a substitute for you We encourage your feedback in the matches we play as it will help further contribute to making for a better and stronger team Must have a desire to want to improve and partake in the competitive events seriously whilst enjoying the experience, We want to see a strong passion to play and enjoy playing... Win or lose You must not be toxic or give up even in a hard match you must always give 100 percent to trying to win no matter what the scenario is. cursing and flaming your teammates is not allowed Being available 6 P.M Sydney time on Thursday is also needed too ~TZ Avril

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