eSports team looking for Dedicated Coach

Paragon eSports is looking for an Experienced Coach to coach our newest team "Paragon Esports Black" Which consists of 5 Diamond+ Players looking to play at a high competitive level. As the coach of this team you will be working along side myself, The Coach for Paragon eSports and Our Other manager to find the best way to help improve each member individually and as a team. Saying this you would need a certain level of dedication and the right mindset towards writing and coaching. As a coach of Paragon Black, you will be doing in depth write ups on teams we verse in competitions and doing in depth research of the current meta and upcoming meta changes. All applicants please send me this formed filled out at Name: Experience: Previous Teams: Rank: (Curiosity) Link to Analysis of Pro game, whether is's a video or word doc. Short Personal Bio: Lachie "Miracle" Paragon eSports General Manager Legion Gaming Team.
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