Looking for players for a serious ranked team (Trying to go to Oceanic Challenger Series).

Hey guys, we are The Knights, a starting/building e-Sports team, hoping to go to the Oceanic Challenger Series. Before I go into detail about the positions and such, we are looking for dedicated and serious members - people with the same passion as me to go to OCS, or even opL if we're really good. You need to be able and willing to participate in weekend training sessions, team chats, and creation of League plays. Basically, you need to have tons of time on the weekend (just a couple of hours in the early stages) to be willing to do some team training. You should also be able to play pro picks. Additionally, you will need to have: - Skype - At least Level 30 (for the ranked team) - Willingness to train and improve - A calm head - you must not get mad at your teammates - Time - Skill (this can always improve) and flexibility with champions at your main role Our current and developing team roster is: Coach: LGC Impaired (Substitute for the opL Legacy E-Sports team - yes, what a shock) Challenger 1, obviously. Not confirmed as of yet, but he seems interested and we hit it off. If it doesn't work out, I'll look to get another challenger player on. Substitute Coach: Gommorah (Platinum IV) Top: IN NEED Mid: Flames (Diamond V, peaked Diamond 1) Jungle: Mattsherona (Diamond V) Support: AnonymousDiamond - That's me :). (Silver IV - I know, not the best but I'm looking to play tons over the week) ADC: Sun Wubong (Diamond V) Substitute 1 ADC/Support: Poosy Phucker 2 (Gold I, but he PROMISED he will be in Platinum V soon) Substitute 2 Mid: IN NEED Substitute 3 Top: IN NEED Substitute 4 Jungle: IN NEED Put your application in the comments, according to this little draft: Summoner ID: Rank (We will review your account to see if you are quite good even if you're at a low rank, but higher ranks will have higher chance): Hours which can be played over the weekends: Age (Doesn't matter a single ounce, but you can't be 11 and play for us, 13+ is good): Skype: First Name: Preferred Role: Champions Played In Said Role: How can I trust you to be dedicated: Good luck on the battle field, summoners! I will attempt to reply to every post - do not expect an instant reply. I have to review all summoners first, and make a choice!
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