Ragnarok - OCE League Team

Hello all. Ragnarok is a friendly community which, while is currently small, is growing at a surprising rate. We are currently seeking some sub team players who will join our official ranked setting. In addition, we have a discord server that is open to players of all rank that wish to surround themselves with like-minded and fun characters. I will post a discord link at the bottom of this page for anyone who wishes to join for that matter. Our Primary 5 man Roster is - Full Our Sub 5 man Roster is - Full Players may also elect to be part of the 'fill' group in case the teams sub is also not available. If you wish to be part of this, simply message myself with that intent. To join the team, please fill out our application form. https://goo.gl/iFvm5A - Application. We use discord, as said earlier, and all our team information is held there. If you wish to join us just for the heck of it - You may do so. When you join, message myself or Ironworks about yourself and then you're more than welcome to join in anything going on. https://discord.gg/urCYKAA
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