Silver VThresh One Trick LF Duo (Jungle or ADC)

LexyTheDeer - Summoner Stats - League of Legends
LexyTheDeer / Silver 4 66LP / 250W 301L Win Ratio 45% / Thresh - 71W 94L Win Ratio 43%, Blitzcrank - 68W 64L Win Ratio 52%, Jarvan IV - 42W 34L Win Ratio 55%, Alistar - 14W 15L Win Ratio 48%, Twitch - 7W 14L Win Ratio 33%
Hi all, I'm looking for Duo who is a Jungler or ADC. Was gold 2 last season, and looking at returning back to Platinum, currently Silver V due to a long break, of the previous meta change. Twitch.TV:
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