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Good morning everyone! Pacific Peninsula is still recruiting: * Official streamers / Shoutcasters (if you can do both that's awesome!) * Event Coordinators * Graphics designer * Twitch Administrator We are looking for creative, open minded people to join our awesome team. We never anticipated the level of success from our first tournament and we continue to grow every day. If you are interested please comment below or send a message to me (**Junko**) or **bollockz** in game and we can have chat :) For more information regarding what these duties involve please refer to this last post We greatly appreciate all feedback and criticism. Also if you have any innovative ideas or suggestions feel free to chat with us about those too.The idea is to grow through both business and personal development. The current support we have from the community right now is outstanding and we are filled with gratitude. **We look forward to having you on board :) have a great day!**
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