[B2G] WeR1 are looking for low elo players!!

Hey everyone, WeR1 are looking for many dedicated low elo players, we're in the early stages of making a professional quality league for Bronze to Gold players. We would appreciate your support in doing so, we're currently looking for players to play in this league. We're also looking for managers to help manage the teams. Here are the requirements: Players: SoloQ Rank: Bronze IV - Gold I Age: 14+ Verbal Communication: Yes. The way this league will be run will be different to others in that players must enter as solo competitors and will get drafted to a team based on statistics about them by dedicated managers on each team, after that, managers are free to trade players as they please. Before the first games, roster swaps will be finalised and the games will then start to be played. As of now, this is just an expression of interest. If this is something you'd be interested in, please message Zed eS#1194, if we've convinced you already, just let me know and we'll add you to the list to be drafted!! Thank you for your time!~
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