Looking To Join A Serious/Semi Serious Team

Hello I am shacode Currently Plat V looking to join a Ranked team My main role is: Jungle:{{champion:60}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:35}} Mid:{{champion:63}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:238}} Support:{{champion:412}} {{champion:223}}{{champion:432}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:267}} Top:{{champion:85}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:54}} ADC:{{champion:222}}{{champion:96}} {{champion:51}}{{champion:81}} I have Team Speak and Skype and am willing to download a program if I don't have it and I have working microphone

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