Ragnarok - 5 Man Team LF Subs/Perms Silver 3+

**Applications are currently CLOSED** _**Hello.**_ Ragnarok is a friendly group of players who have decided to combine their efforts and all their frustration of Solo Queue into an organised environment where concentration, dedication and learning are priority. We are not 'Hardcore' but we do have 3 pre-determined game days. We also use voice coms; Skype. We have various groups that are dedicated to certain things; Announcements, general chatter and game chat. We do follow rather strict rules, to maintain integrity and to not waste other players time; especially those who actually wish to climb. While we do have rules, we take things breezy and simply enjoy League of Legends for what it is, a game. We are looking for additional players as we have had some issues with various members with their attendance. **Summary & Extra Info** We are looking for 2 players; Perm JG Player Sub ADC Player Game Times (AEST) Monday - 4 pm to 5pm (Unranked Play) Wednesday - 4 pm to 5pm (Unranked Play) Saturday - 4pm to 6pm (Ranked Play) Voice Communication; Skype Playing Environment; Semi-Serious Dedication required; 3 Nights from 4pm. Division Restriction; Silver 3 or Above. Attitude requirement; You must be prepared to sit down and practice, through wins and through losses. We will be aiming high for Season 7, and we hope all applicants and team members have similar goals. Thanks. Use this forum post to send applications. **Applications are currently CLOSED** Thank you to those who have applied. We are now in the process of trialing a few players.
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