The Peasants is recruiting a BRONZE Roster FOR PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT!

That's right, you heard it correctly. Hello! I am the manager and coach of a semi-professional team The Knights, a team that has claimed victory in multiple tournaments, earning hundreds of dollars and skin prizes in the process. Formerly coaching a professional, now dissolved organisation, I am now using my abilities to choose FIVE BRONZE MEMBERS (NOT SILVER OR HIGHER) and provide them with the professional pampering that proper organisations get (This is an opportunity, pretty much). We understand that Bronze is a difficult place to get out, but in reality, anyone who truly didn't deserve to be in that position would get out, and I am here to offer you the ability to get out. What can The Peasants do FOR YOU? - Provide a TeamSpeak 3 Server for Sessions. - Pay for ALL tournament fee entries. - Provide ALL players with team coaching staff, including a professional coach and analyst to ensure continual improvement. - Provide a friendly and fun environment to improve, while maintaining a competitive atmosphere in gaming. - Give all the rostered members the professional pamperment (Being part of an established organisation) that only Platinums/Diamonds+ get to see! What do I expect from you? - Let's face it, you guys are quite darn bad. Players must get into the game knowing this, and look for the opportunity to continue improving their play. If you are stubborn and believe you are stuck because you went "2/3/1" while your team fed, you will obviously not be selected. I am looking for the distinct, non-toxic BRONZE players. - This is an amazing opportunity, and only players who express their excitement and have a deep passion for the scene will be selected for a position. - Must come to all selected training sessions. All Roles Are Currently Open, these being: Top: Jungle: Mid: ADC: Support: So, write down in the comments this short application (All random friend requests will be declined, you MUST put a blurb here) Name: Age: Availability: Role (The one you are applying for): Do you have a TeamSpeak?: Why you are in Bronze: What opportunity do you see in this: I look forward to meeting you all, and turning you guys from Bronzes to a much, much higher rank!

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