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Hey guys Snowflake eSports is up and running and are looking for support staff and players for the OOL tournament in June I am currently looking for: - Top - Jungler - MId - ADC - Supported - Coach - Analyst - Manager Management and coaching we are looking for good Organization skills, availability for scrims and training nights, key for this is to have good game knowledge and people skills, if interested in spots for management and coaching please add me BYL Deft and/or Dela Cruz for try outs and trials. Also we are looking for a talented roster for the OOL we will be accepting diamond 1+ players if your are competitive driven and willing to put effort and expect results look no further the team will be competing in the next OOL tournament, helping us help you get through to your goals: - Communications (discord) - Availability to scrims and training nights ( 2/3 days) - Taking Critizim - Be willing to work with the Organization Will be exciting to meet you all good luck
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