Is this common in Bronze? Really hoping to find people who don't get tilted or give up in the minute

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So my internet at home is not the most reliable. Most of the time my ping is below 50, but occasionally it goes crazy. The whole delayed NBN really annoys me. So this game I realised something was wrong and used my phone as a tether. Great connection with 4G just pefect 60FPS and 40 ping. Got to game 3 minutes in or so. Yes yes I'm a bad person, perma ban etc. etc. I apologised profusely. Team scores at this stage were 1:1 for kills. Dealable. My adc is a few levels above her opponents and no deaths. Meanwhile the mid laner is on tilt and is all game. Fed the whole game and wondered around in Jungle to die on at least one occasion. These people in Bronze 5 are so easily tilted and can't hold it together and I'm sick of it. Seriously my adc gets two shot by an Annie in bot lane and thinks it is my job to somehow save her from the full on burst. Sorry buddy it's not like a Blitz hook I can't take one for the team you just have to not be in range of a Tibbers. I get blamed for the terrible Jayce and get abused all game. Doens't matter if I help hold them off at tower. Doesn't matter if I get my Jungler a double kill I get abused all game. I've had enough. I need to be able to DUO with some people who don't give up so easily and spend less time as keyboard warriors than Champions on the Field of Justice
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