Oceanic Challenger Series roster trials for Lynx

Trials for 2018 | Split 1 - Articles - Lynx
This proves that you have dedicated enough time to the game to achieve this rank and can show the same determination to improving your competitive gameplay.
Hey, guys, Lynx will be running its trials for the Oceanic Challenger Series in December of 2017. We are after some existing talent as well as some new and upcoming talent. We do however have a cutoff rank so please do check that out. We have taken into consideration Uni exams and pushed our trials till the end of the year to allow players to prepare themselves for this application. Follow us to keep updated with information [Twitter](https://twitter.com/lynx_gg) [Application](http://lynx.gg/articles/news/gaming/10/trials-for-2018-split-1) [Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/lynxg/)
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