Apex Gaming (APG)

Hello I am Looking for a couple more players, Coaches and Managers For two teams in Apex Gaming. For the Main Team I am looking for a diamond Adc and a diamond Support who are looking to play with the rest of the team, willing to improve as a player and willing to play in tournaments. For the second team I am looking for A high sliver to high Gold Top laner, Jungler and Adc, As I have already found a mid laner and a Support for the team. I am also still looking for Coach/es and Managers for this Team, as stated in my last post I would like them be at least low/mid Plat or Higher with good knowledge of the game and multiple roles. And the Manager to be willing to put time into keep the team organised and looking at tournaments that the team could play in. I am also looking for a coaches for the three teams and Managers for two teams. If you believe you would fit any of these roles message me on discord Twist #5625 Thank you for your time Kind regards Twist
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