GameRoos Gaming LF Players High GOld++ (Plat Pref)

Hey Guys Team GameRoos Gaming Currently Is a Rocket League Community Clan / Competitive , With 1 Team in the CGi. we are looking to expand our games and are trying to find players interested in building and developing a team with us. we wanting players who want to grow as a team , and play as a team. with no ragers or haters on 1 another. Shit talking to other players/Team will Not be allowed. Communication is a must. Requirements: High Gold ++ (Gold 2 ) Must have teamspeak and mic. Be able to talk to others. Be Active and play 4-5 times a week :) (maybe Less or more) can play at night around 7pm nz Time Too Whenever. Non Rager Even when losing badly Lf Top/Jungler/ADC If you are interested then feel Free to add me or labrinth in game or leave a post and we will get back too you. cheers
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