The Knights Legion Recruiting a Roster to be the TKNS Second Team and compete in the OOL! (Gold 2+) Note: We are looking for players of a Gold 2+ Rank. Other players will not be considered under any other circumstance. The Knights e-Sports is a current team that has been well established in the League Of Legends Scene, very recently reforming and recruiting a new roster, and is now recruiting for the The Knights Legion, which will be known as The Knights Sister Team. Like The Knights, The Knights Legion will still be a high caliber team and receive equal treatment, but TKNS Legion is still the second team and hence the main team will receive the highest priority treatment. The Knights Legion will serve to be our second roster, and will act as a "B" team, meaning they are of a less competitive standard compared to The Knights A Team. However, The Knights Legion will still be a roster that will compete in the OOL. Important Note: Players who are found to have performed well in the B team will be recommended for promotion to the A roster on a specified date. This is to keep both teams working hard to maintain a consistent improvement and strong standard of play. Who are The Knights? The Knights e-Sports again is a team that has achieved an extremely large amount in the League Of Legends scene. It is ran by me, the manager, who has had experience coaching high ranked players and managing multiple teams aside from The Knights. Again, previously, other teams have had some complications in running, but we believe we can finally make a difference coming into this third team. This is a team to try to radically change the Oceanic League Of Legends scene, and to give back to the community that has assisted us so much into the first and second teams. What has The Knights achieved in the League of Legends Scene? 1st in NZ LoL 1st in OCE Parlor Tournament 1st in Crescendo Gaming Tournament 2nd in Skyous Gaming Tournament 3th in CyberGamer Open Ladder 4th in Vertex Gaming NZ Tournament What can The Knights do for you? Provide coaching and analyst staff at no cost to assist in improvement and coordination. Pay for all tournament entry costs. Provide a TS Server for communication purposes. Provide a strong playing and learning environment for rostered players. Set up scrimmages with high profile LoL teams to further the purpose of improvement. Who are The Knights looking for? The Knights are looking for the following roles (which will change as the roles are filled) Top Lane Jungle Mid Lane AD Carry Support Multi Role Substitute 1 Multi Role Substitute 2 The Knights are also looking for the following criteria in its players: Age of above 15 years. Capable of attending all allotted training sessions and scrimmages (around 8 hours a week which will increase as the OOL Split Nears). Dedicated and committed players who do not argue and allow for mistakes to be made. Gold 2+ Rank (learning and improving) Having Skype and TS for VOIP, updates and communication That's all for now. If you are interested, please add "Support Leona" on League Of Legends and fill in the application form here:
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