Looking For ADC Duo Partner (Gold 4 --> Platinum 5)

Hi there, I'm a Support Main looking for an ADC with whom I can duo with for the rest of this season. I'd like an ADC who can match an aggressive style that supports my pool with their playstyle and ADC champions, is not toxic and can share friendly banter so we can not just be duo partners, but great friends. I'd appreciate someone who can play to learn the game, and still play to win, but take a loss lightly. I don't mind if you do poorly - we all have those games. Despite my name, I have a decent tank champion pool but I'm less experienced with ranged supports (which people tell me are in the meta, unfortunately). I can play (at a high level) Braum, Alistar, Leona, Tahm Kench, Bard and Blitzcrank. I'd prefer to play Leona as I have to rack up the mastery points, but if our composition or the enemy picks don't support it, then I obviously won't. To a fair standard, I can play Morgana, Thresh and Janna. But these would be if you would really want me to play them, and I'll try my best to learn them for you. Please add me on my account if you're interested --> "Not A Leona OTP"
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