[Iron to Bronze Players] Players Wanted for Internal Scrimmages

Hey all, me again! I'm on the boards again looking for 10-14 Iron to Bronze players, a friend and I want to learn the fundamentals of coaching and we hope to teach you a few things while we learn alongside you. Here is what we're looking for: - Ability to use Discord Voice Chat. - Ranked between Iron IV and Bronze I. - Flexible Schedule - Interest in Putting Time Into LoL. As of now we're looking for all roles so if this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please check the contacts below and register your interest, we'll ask you a few questions pertaining to your current schedule, champ pool and rank and we'll get into talks after that. Thank you for your time, excited to hear from you all. ~ Aspiring coach, Zed eS. _CONTACTS: Zed eS#1194 Ttamy#3724_
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