New Caster Looking To Cast Tournaments (As long as streaming is not done by me)

Hey guys, after exploring this gaming scene, I've tried to do multiple things to have some fun with this game, being a player, analyst, coach, etc. But those I realised in the end did not necessarily interest me as much as I was hoping, and I realised all along casting was one of my most favourite positions of League. I've got a loud voice that projects well, a high quality microphone, a stable internet connection, hype for all games and extremely high knowledge of the game as well. However, to the actual casting of the game, I've had a few tries just watching some replays and casting over them and they generally go well, but I still am a new caster and need to get some more experience. Please add me in game if you have a small tournament you would trust me to cast and I will gladly cast it for you if it is in an appropriate time. My computer itself is quite slow in running so I won't be able to stream - in addition I have no idea how to so I would also like someone to be streaming for me as I cast.
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