Looking for a SERIOUS (WITH TRAINING) League Of Legends Ranked Team. Experienced Support!

Hey guys, before I get started, my League IGN is: AnonymousDiamond. My rank is Silver IV, and I am currently maining the support role playng: - Leona - Thresh - Alistar - Morgana (Learning) - Janna (Learning) Hey guys! I am an experienced support (I really only play support) looking to get into a serious ranked team, actually serious: (Training, drills, proper team chats and plays). I am looking to get into a team with serious and experienced players, preferably all Silver+. After watching the opL live from Luna Park, I have been inspired to try to get into higher tier gaming. I was looking to get into a serious team to try out for the 2016 Oceanic League, and this means I am looking for a team who actually also wants to get there with me. This means that I want a team who is dedicated, not to the point of having no life, but maybe spending a bit of time on the weekends and such to play and practise. I am looking for a team who can Skype regularly, and not rage in defeat and can stay calm and encourage their players. Additionally, I am looking for pro picks - as in I want to play with people who can play with proper champions and are experienced in their role - but also flexible. I really hope I can find a team to suit my purpose! Thank you!

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